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The Shipwire Blog/Google Says The Holiday Season Has Started

Google Says The Holiday Season Has Started

I typically mark the holiday season by the first holiday commercial I see on TV. That is a bad metric for e-commerce merchants which live and die from online traffic – much of which comes from search engines.

Better to listen to when Google says “it’s the holiday” and they just piped those words. In my most recent post on I go over Google’s Insight report showing that the term “Christmas Gift” just spiked in search volume. Here is the post and please comment on the Practical E-commerce blog or here.

This also seems to reiterate my prior post about holiday import timing and when to start marketing and taking back-orders. That post is here.

With retail in the doghouse, here is a YouTube of dogs barking Jingle Bells put up by somebody with a lot of free time on their hands. Lets have a great holiday season everybody and please consider using Shipwire for your holiday product order fulfillment.

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