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Guaranteed Same Day Shipping, Plus New Features

Shipwire has been incredibly busy gearing up for the holidays. We are excited to be rolling out some huge new features to help merchants close more sales this holiday and delight buyers with fast and accurate shipping.

Guaranteed Same Day Shipping

Shipwire has always offered order accuracy guarantee. This week we released Same Day Shipping. It is now available through our entire global warehouse network. What’s better? We also included a service level guarantee with teeth to back it up.

Same day shipping is now a standard service level for all shipments. Just submit your orders to Shipwire by the same day shipping cut-off time for the local warehouse and it will go out that day, or you don’t pay the handling. Here are the service levels for Same Day Shipping:

  • Guaranteed Same Day Shipping — This is one of our standard shipping guarantees. At no cost to you, if you would like an order shipped out that same day, ensure that it is submitted to the warehouse by 05:30 AM Local Warehouse Time (LWT) and we’ll make sure it is ready for pickup that day. Guaranteed, or you don’t pay the handling.
  • Best Effort Same Day Shipping — For orders submitted after 05:30 LWT, we”ll try our best to ship your orders the same day. Although orders received during this time period are not guaranteed to ship the same day, orders submitted in the 10:30 and 13:30 periods will get our very “best effort.” And if they don’t, they will be guaranteed to go out on the next business day.
  • Expedited Same Day Options — We know some orders must absolutely go out today even if they are submitted after 05:30 LWT. In these situations, you can upgrade most orders to go out the same same day for a small fee.  And if we don’t deliver, we”ll automatically refund the fee and for earlier orders give you money back for handling.

As a part of this, we are allowing you to submit orders across our global warehouse network on a 24 hour schedule optimized for performance. As part of your account’s Shipping Preferences you can now chose when you submit your orders to the warehouse. You can select from 5 order submission times per day.

Same Day Shipping with multiple order drops a day, automated master carton and b2b management

B2B Seller Enhancement, Automated Lot Breaks

Shipwire warehouses can ship wholesale (B2B) or retail (B2C). For merchants that sell both retail and wholesale, it is best to send inventory to Shipwire in wholesale quantities (industry term is master cartons, “case” or “lot” management) to ensure you have maximum flexibility for outbound shipping at the minimum cost. While we have always helped merchants manage inventory when they are doing both outbound carton and individual item shipments, breaking master carton inventory into individual unit inventory sometimes resulted in delays in outbound shipping. Not any more!

Now in our LA Pick/Pack facility, to help reduce both processing times and cost for bulk orders, we are introducing automated lot breaks and bulk shipping optimization. Automated breaks will allow Shipwire to automatically convert a master carton into individual units when you not longer have individual units available. Bulk shipping optimization will ensure than any order for large quantities is optimized to reduce the number of handling picks (e.g. pulling from cases where these are available, and cheaper than pulling from multiple individual units)

You can read more about these at automated master carton breaks.

Misc other enhancements

(Most of these are from a release a few weeks ago we didn’t get to blogging)

  • Inserts: Added a new feature for customers that have marketing inserts inserted into out bound shipments. “Do not fold” selection checked on a marketing insert product defined in Shipwire means we won’t include an insert with the order if it looks like the box containing the order doesn’t have enough space to fit it without folding (e.g. L&S order).
  • Spreadsheet Upload Improvements: If you upload orders via our spreadsheet upload tool, the template will have a new header row. If the header isn’t present, we will assume you are using the older template so it will still work. Multiple address lines supported. Specify the same field names as the API allows (e.g. address_2, address_3, company_name, etc.). Added support for “Is Commercial” field.
  • Signature required shipping method added: LA Pick/Pack warehouse now supports signature required outbound shipment for the following ground level services: USPS Priority Mail, and First Class, UPS Ground, UPS Worldwide Expedited, FDX Ground, and FDX Ground Home. You can select signature options in your Shipping Preferences if you would like Shipwire order rating systems to pick signature required options when we display shipping rates. [Side note: Shipwire has had signature required support in the UK for some time …]
  • Enhanced Duplicate Order Detection: Shipwire has added support to ensure that all manually entered orders are cross-referenced against orders submitted in batches (e.g. cart, API or spreadsheet). Duplicates are flagged for your review.


  • Nate 02/04/11
    AM and we fixed it on the site. Thank you. Nate
  • Ano 01/22/11
    A bit misleading... 05:30AM or PM...
  • BBenson 11/24/10
    Wow -thats an incredible guarantee-- same day delivery? that will set you apart from your competitors for sure!!
  • Nate 11/19/10
    No problem Alex. Good to hear from you. Hope business in the UK is going well and Indigo is still rocking it!
  • Britney 11/17/10
    Wow that's great.Nice to hear that one day shipping.Goodbye long days of waiting.Thanks guys! Britney
  • T Shirt Printing 11/13/10
    Thanks for this update Nate. Alex @ Indigo Clothing
  • SA 11/12/10
    This post is a long time coming: I took a total punt on you guys, joining Shipwire when the company was so new the UK warehouse still needed another week before it was ready. I am so happy I signed up. It was one of the best decisions I made!!!! Thank you very much: for living up to and surpassing my expectations, for delivering an excellent service, and for constant improving. I can't wait to launch my new products.
  • Marc Blaiwes 11/11/10
    We are loving the same day shipping feature. Thanks for your continuing to improve on an already great service. You guys rule!

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