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Hello from Stoneedge User Convention 2008

Shipwire went to Stoneedge User Con 2008 outside of Chicago this weekend to support the Shipwire Stoneedge Order Manager Shipping and Order Fulfillment Solution. It was a small but jam packed show that Barney and the whole Stoneedge team did a great job putting together. Stoneedge kindly timed the show to ensure that participants could easily transition over to Internet Retailer 2008 in downtown Chicago on Monday am.

A lot of the Stoneedge power users were very active at this show and their concerns were very focused on International growth and reducing shipping costs. The bulk of the Sunday show activities were dedicated to warehouse, inventory management and order fulfillment. Shipwire was asked to speak on Sunday morning about order fulfillment. At that session the participants asked a lot of questions about how Shipwire can help them fulfill orders coming from Canada, the UK and Europe. The general assessment from participants was that the US dollar exchange rate was making their products much more export friendly; however, fulfilling the demand was a big hassle. The Shipwire warehouse solution in Canada and our new warehouse in the UK was very well received. Many of the Stoneedge e-tailers were very interested in how the Shipwire global warehouse network could help them move inventory closer to end-users and overcome hassles such as customs, VAT tax and obviously reduce parcel shipping costs internationally.

We’ll be blogging more from Internet Retailer over the next week. Monday morning looks like a very good series of panels and sessions focused on growing sales with SEO, Internet, e-mail and affiliate marketing. It will be interesting to learn what Shipwire should be doing differently, especially getting affiliates and partners to help us propel forward the Shipwire Order Fulfillment Partner Program.

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