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The Shipwire Blog/Holiday shipping reminders: inventory and ASNs

Holiday shipping reminders: inventory and ASNs

With the approaching holidays we wanted to highlight the importance of keeping track of your inventory levels in all your locations, as well as some best practices about ASN submissions. You can easily do both through your Shipwire dashboard. Here’s a reminder about how:

Tracking your inventory

The quickest way to keep track of your inventory is to log in to your Shipwire account and examine your inventory from your dashboard. There you can get a high-level overview of inventory at every location you have active with Shipwire. By clicking on one of the locations on your dashboard you will see a detailed view of the orders being fulfilled from there.

To get an overview of orders being fulfilled from all your locations, click on the Manage Inventory link in the left navigation menu under My Account. Here you will see a list of your products and the quantity of each product that is being shipped each day.


Setting up inventory alerts

You can set up inventory alerts to notify you when orders are out of stock, backordered or simply getting low. To set up alerts, click on the Set Inventory Alerts link listed on the Manage Your Shipwire Inventory page. From this page, you can set which location and which products will trigger notifications when inventory is low or out of stock.

Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) best practices

When you are preparing to send inventory to Shipwire, be sure to include tracking information with the ASN you provide to Shipwire. Once you have submitted your ASN, log in to your account and edit the ASN tracking information. Remember to include the tracking number, carrier, and to provide an accurate expected receiving date to avoid delays.

Keep Shipwire in the loop

As it is the holiday season, the warehouses become busy with increased ASNs and orders. To ease the processing of your large ASN’s and large order drops, remember to contact the Customer Care team to let them know about large ASNs or expected order drops. Contact a Customer Care member at least 1 week for effective planning.

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