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Shipwire Hong Kong Warehouse now open

Today marks an important day for Shipwire: we’re officially announcing the launch of our Hong Kong warehouse, serving the Asia-Pacific market and the global economic giants that help make it such a fast-growth region.

The new 500,000 square-foot Hong Kong warehouse is ready for you. What is especially exciting about this launch is that we have been in a limited release “beta” with a few Shipwire customers who have shipped thousands of orders to buyers in thriving markets like China, Japan and Australia.

There are a lot of questions about entering the Asia-Pac marketplace, so we decided to put answers to the most important questions into a couple key resources that are informative and easy to share. We have a white paper, an infographic, and support resources to help you along the way.

1. Infographic

See the whole infographic

The infographic makes visual many of the important reasons to think about Asia-Pac and understand the benefits of entering this market through Hong Kong. Some important lessons we’ve learned (and are now sharing) include:

  • Direct-to-consumer e-commerce is growing in Asia-Pac, very quickly
  • China alone will be the 2nd largest e-commerce market in three years
  • Smart brands locate inventory close to customers in Asia-Pac to take advantage of this growth

You can also find resources, source data, and notes on the infographic resource page.


2. White paper

Download the white paper

This white paper, titled “Reaching the next billion buyers for your brand: Overcoming the challenges of expanding into Asia-Pacific”, was the culmination of a lot of research and gathering of industry knowledge, and the end result speaks for itself. It’s a comprehensive guide for entering the Asia-Pac marketplace, and includes market research, best practices, and even case studies about how to do it right.

Additional resources for the white paper, including information on registering your business in Hong Kong, tariff regulations and import licenses, and even articles on internationalizing your product, are available here: White paper resource page.

We hope you check out these two resources and gain some insights into how strategically using a Hong Kong warehouse can help you grow your business.


  • Claudia Karba 01/13/14
    Hi Is it just me or I can't find anywhere the address for your warehouse in Hong Kong? Regards Claudia
  • Chris Peters 09/23/13
    How can shipping from HK to Australia be faster and cheaper than shipping from within Australia? The package has to be handled by Australian postal services once it enters the country so its going to take longer unless your using an expensive courier service. Is this new warehouse that same one you were using in the Beta phase? Our experience in the Beta Phase didn't give us a lot of confidence using the HK service hence we pulled out. An Australian warehouse would be a much better solution for us.
  • dimitri 03/01/13
    Dr. Charlies, great question - at the risk of coming off as self-serving, the first step to do is to download the Hong Kong white paper. One of the topics it covers is finding customers. Another important topic that's covered that you should consider even before you look for customers, is internationalization. Making sure that your packaging is compliant, sized appropriately, translated, etc. Did you know that in countries like Japan, the brand or its distributor is responsible for recycling costs of the packaging it uses? That's importnat to consider if you're going to have to effectively pay for every single product you sell in Japan. You'll probably make the packaging of more environmentally-friendly material, and probably more compact than in a market like Canada. Please have a look at the white paper and feel free to ask more questions.
  • Dimitri, I would be interested in shipping to China, etc. How do you advise getting customers. I currently ship to Europe and Canada and occasionally to Singapore. Would there be any interest?
  • dimitri 02/22/13
    JC, thanks for the comment. You can actually do exactly this in your Shipwire account. Here's how: 1. Define the products in the account, with accurate weights and dimensions. 2. Add the Hong Kong warehouse to your account. You do this by going to Warehouses under My Account in your Shipwire account, then at the bottom clicking Add New Location. 3. Next, under Ship, select Ship from Warehouse 4. Choose the products you're shipping and enter the test address. It can be anywhere you want. Select Get a Quote to get a pricing quote on shipping. 5. The next screen will tell you exactly the carrier rate that came back for that address from the Hong Kong warehouse, which is automatically selected. If it isn't chosen automatically, you can choose it from the drop-down menu. Hope that helps!
  • Jc 02/17/13
    Dimitri - It would be very helpful if Shipwire could work up some actual shipping costs so we can see the realities. Could you identify to top 5 cities that the HK and AU warehouses would ship to? Then I'd like to see cost to ship to each of those cities for each carrier available. Using your average box - say 12x12x12" at 10 pounds - would give is a good idea of what we'd be looking at. This kind of info would certainly speed our decisions to expand warehouses. Thanks!
  • dimitri 08/27/12
    Matt, we're actively looking at having an Australia warehouse. Have you filled out our Australia interest form yet? Please do; it lets us know who to contact when the location launches or for beta testing.
  • Matt 08/27/12
    Australia would be much more helpful than Hong Kong for my business. Our products do not translate well for China. We have almost no business there, but we do a lot in Australia. We'd prefer to setup something ourselves that is actually in Australia than use one in Hong Kong. But I can see how a Hong Kong warehouse may make more sense for other businesses.
  • dimitri 07/30/12
    Hi Mohammed, not a problem at all - I'll have someone from our team reach out to you directly. We can't wait to have you in HK.
  • Mohammed 07/30/12
    Hello, I am very interested in the HK warehouse, in fact I was about to add it to my account but the option is not available. I can have goods there within a few days. Can someone please contact us. Thank you
  • dimitri 07/26/12
    Frank, please get in touch with your account manager here at Shipwire to activate HK in your dashboard. With this new launch we do this because there are typically some questions that need to be answered to make the transition as smooth as possible. You can reach sales directly at sales at shipwire dot com.
  • Frank 07/26/12
    Trying to locate Hong Kong Warehouse in my account but it is not on the list. Anything I need to do to add it to the available warehouse list?
  • dimitri 07/23/12
    Leon, this warehouse was built to accomodate Australian customers as well. Depending on the product type, shipping to Australia from Hong Kong is cheaper and quicker, so it's worth taking a look at the HK warehouse. Of course we have customers such as ToyFoundry who were featured in the white paper, for whom China alone constitutes a third of sales. In their case, having the HK warehouse was an easy decision to make, but of course it depends on where your customers are.
  • Leon Humphrey 07/12/12
    I’m holding out for the Australia warehouse, I can count on one hand all my customers from China/Hong Kong/Japan and the rest of Asia yet have hundreds of Australian customers I need to improve service to. China produce a huge percent of the worlds consumer goods and already have easy access to them domestically. Language is another barrier to that area of the world, it’s a nightmare to cater for and market to.

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