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International Growth with Outsourced Fulfillment

Shipwire has participated in quite a few conversations with bloggers, press and merchants over the past months about International shipping and International e-commerce sales. In fact, Shipwire’s Nate Gilmore will be in Atlanta next week at the Ecommerce Merchants Spring Summit giving a talk on “Going International” (We’ll post a link to the slides later).

This post is just to point out a few lively discussions taking place on other blogs about the alternate models for International E-commerce Order Fulfillment. There are many ways to ship overseas; but, to build your International e-commerce business you can either ship products internationally OR do what fortune 500 companies do and move inventory into local markets and do local fulfillment with local carriers.

See Nate’s blog posts on Practical E-commerce about “Sell Internationally – Fulfill Locally”

Here is a blogger discussing the hassles of shipping every order internationally.

If you have thoughts join the conversation or comment here.

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