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The Shipwire Blog/Internet Retailer 2010 Holiday E-commerce Roundup

Internet Retailer 2010 Holiday E-commerce Roundup

Internet Retailer 2010 has come and gone. While the show was in June, now is the time to take action on all those notes that you took at the show.   You probably have a stack of business cards, brochures and notes from all your classes. You still have time to put your plans into action so you can get all your ducks in a row for Holiday 2010.

If you haven’t started following up on all your notes and learning’s from Internet Retailer 2010, don’t kick yourself… you still have time. Here are a few themes that I noted at Internet Retailer this year that merit a few thoughts on the Shipwire blog. Please comment with your own thoughts.

  • Attract the customer, close the customer…get repeat business from the customer – No doubt about it, attracting customers and converting customers has been a theme on the IRCE trade floor for years. This year there seemed to be a general theme and lots of new vendors focused on helping merchants find gold in their past customer data. E-mail marketing programs have been touting this years to do this; but, now there is a bevy of new solutions including Demographic Re-Targeting (Advertising that brings customers back to your website, I like Adroll and I’ll write more on this later). The main theme being, it cost you less to get a previous customer back, than to find a new customer   Along this same vein, Shipwire enhanced our package insert management to help merchants get the most out of in-shipment advertising and promotion.
  • International Shipping is on the Rise – We got bombarded with questions about International growth. How do I grow my overseas business? How do I cut my international shipping costs? When should I think about selling overseas? It’s official, overseas is the new online!!!   Without repeating every link on our site and our blog, this is what Shipwire is all about so if international growth is on your to-do list for 2010, send us an e-mail or sign-up for a webinar.
  • Overseas Sourcing and Manufacturing is Here to Stay – We received a lot of questions from sellers that were sourcing products overseas and importing into the United States. Over the past few weeks we’ve blogged a lot of responses to those topics. Here are a few of them:
  • Holiday Shipping Planning – Here are a few tips from a recent Shipwire interview with to help online sellers get ready for this holiday season
  • The Cloud Gets Loud – I’ve been attending IRCE for 3 years with Shipwire and I’ve been to dozens of tradeshows related to business software and the companies attracting a lot of attention were web-based software. SaaS means Software as a Service rather than buying a license for something like Microsoft SQL Server that you need to buy the hardware to install it on before you can benefit from it. Walking the tradeshow floor, there was a noticeable different in the foot traffic and buyer interest from companies talking about on-demand SaaS products verse client or server installed products.
  • Work With Your Neighbor – We’re talking about cross promotion again and in this case I’m talking about leveraging that stack of business cards that you collected at the show from other merchants. Shows like IRCE are great for networking, so don’t forget to work your network. Find a couple companies in that stack of business cards you threw in the corner and pick out the few nice people that were in a non-competitive space. If you sell shoes, then maybe look for a backpack or hats vendor. If you sell computer hardware, then maybe find that business card for the cell phone accessories vendor you made. Consider doing a cross-promotion early in the year for one another.   In that same mode, our booth was right next to Endicia usps label and postage printing, they are really knowledgeable and we give them a huge shout out for being great neighbors at IRCE. We’re also one of their developers for online usps postage printing.

We’ll post more tips, tricks and insight from Internet Retailer over the coming few months. So please stay tuned.

Here are some more photos from the event – Shipwire IRCE 2010 Flickr

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