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The Shipwire Blog/Luxy Hair’s Secret Formula for Success

Luxy Hair's Secret Formula for Success

Shipwire CEO Damon Schechter sat down with entrepreneur and Shipwire customer Alex Ikonn to talk about the success and growth of Alex’s company, Luxy Hair. Alex and Damon discussed how pivotal Shipwire has been in providing Luxy Hair the order fulfillment solution it needed to scale into the company it is today. Check out the video below to learn about how Shipwire is part of Luxy Hair’s secret formula.

*since this video was filmed, we’re proud to announce the addition of the UK warehouse to our family of warehouses around the globe!

We celebrate Luxy Hair’s awesome results and look forward to being a part of their continual growth.

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  • dimitri 10/16/12
    John, it was completely unrehearsed. Alex showed up at our offices and asked if Damon wanted to have a chat and share some advice for the viewers. Very happy to hear you enjoyed it.
  • John Danenbarger 10/16/12
    This video was so unrehearsed that it was fun to watch and will lead me to Shipwire.
  • Crucible 05/07/12
    Good interview guys. Great advice on sustainability

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