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The Shipwire Blog/Manufacturer and Supplier Drop Ship Demystified

Manufacturer and Supplier Drop Ship Demystified

Shipwire recently launched a partnership with Doba to provide Manufacture Wholesaler Drop Ship Fulfillment.   Read the Doba Shipwire product drop ship fulfillment for suppliers announcement.

Nate Gilmore from Shipwire is a blogger for Nate recently wrote a lengthy blog piece that explains drop shipping from the point of view of a manufacturer/supplier as well as an online retailer. Read the blog at Practical commerce: “Drop Ship Demystified for Manufacturers and Online Retailers“.

  • What is Drop Ship and Why Should You Care?
  • Pros and Cons of Drop Ship for Retailers.
  • Why Does it Make Sense For a Manufacturer to Drop Ship?
  • How can a Manufacturer, Supplier or Distributor Power a Drop Ship Distribution Channel?
  • Resources for Drop Ship and Fulfillment

Please participate by reading and commenting on the article. Free Drop Ship Resources.

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