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Meet the new

Our goal is always to deliver exceptional customer experiences — every order, everyday, everywhere, and we support that commitment with the combination of our world-class Ingram Micro facilities and award-winning technology.

In alignment with the value we place on your experience, we’re excited to share a project long in the works: a new



Why a new


Before this week, reflected a state of existence that was no longer current. The Shipwire Platform had long since been acquired by Ingram Micro and has functioned as a key element of Ingram Micro’s commerce and fulfillment solutions for years, a fact that wasn’t communicated through the old site.

Technology and our customers needs also change and evolve quickly. Fortunately, so do our Product and Engineering teams, and updates to the Shipwire Platform are constantly in motion to accommodate our customers’ growth. While we always share updates as they’re released, there comes a time when it’s important to step back, look at where you are and ask if it’s time for your brand to level up with your product. For us, that time had come.

The version of the site you see today responds to the information gap unfulfilled by our old site and the aesthetic disconnect that previously existed between and Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment, as well as the need for our branding to reflect the current state of our technology.

** We launched the Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment website in early 2016 to introduce our business unit and share our strategic focus — to provide global growth opportunities through order fulfillment and commerce technology solutions that connect brands to multichannel sales opportunities and retailers to suppliers. At a high level, Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment also unites our 154 global fulfillment centers with the Shipwire Platform that powers them, and with the update to, we’re now able to share the complete value of our technology.


What’s new


When reimagining our new site, we took a technology-first approach to its information architecture because our unique order fulfillment technology and the Shipwire Platform web application enable the ecommerce solutions we deliver to customers.

Today, presents the capabilities of the platform, showcases the ecommerce connections it offers and demonstrates how it fits seamlessly into Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment solutions and vision. This is the first time our technology offering has fully been brought to the surface, and we’re excited to share it with you so that you can more easily learn of its utility and capabilities.

The site leads with navigation that offers a full section of new information on the Shipwire Platform technology, transitions to a section of information about the Solutions it supports and is followed by a Customer Success section that weaves together content previously offered through legacy Why Shipwire and Case Studies sections.

Looking for a deeper dive into navigational improvements? Learn more


A fresh aesthetic


In addition to the content changes, you’ll notice that has changed visually.

Many factors influenced and motivated the visual updates. Among these factors was a need to achieve a look and feel that makes sense for a software-centric site.

We introduced bright gradients to create a friendly, contemporary and light feeling, which are things we identify with our platform. The colors add fresh energy and an element of fun, the white space gives breathing room to technical content and the friendly feeling of our previous illustration style lives on in clean line drawings.

The mobile experience is shiny and new, too, so you can explore the site on the go.


A harmonious union


Another incentive and challenge in updating the look of was a need to marry the Shipwire Platform with the branding of our primary business website, since the two were previously disconnected.

To do this, we developed certain visual elements that are shared between the sites.

Easily noticeable are the illustrations, which are stylistically similar and include a set of shared iconography. Image and font treatments, while not an exact match, also echo with similarities.

More subtly, the indigo gradient that’s prevalent on is used in the footer of and is also reflected across the Solutions section of — the primary point of intersection between Ingram Micro Commerce as a company and the Shipwire Platform, which supports Ingram Micro’s solutions.

In all, the websites come together and support each other in a way that wasn’t possible before now.


The road ahead


Launching Ingram Micro Commerce and bringing up to date mark major milestones, but the improvements are far from finished.

In the coming months, we’ll be merging shared knowledge bases for a more straightforward and user-friendly experience, updating and adding pages on both sites, updating the branding of the Shipwire Platform web application and of course, listening for your feedback and addressing suggested improvements.

We hope these changes help you understand our business and technology more clearly and that your experience with our websites is better than ever. We look forward to working with you and hearing from you!



The new was designed to surface the most important information first. The bulk of information now fits cleanly into four navigational categories:


From a suite of APIs to pre-built ecommerce, retailer and marketplace connectors, here you’ll find everything you need to know about the Shipwire Platform and how you can use it to optimize and manage your operations. The platform is extensible and is packed with powerful automation and optimization capabilities, and now you have a place to learn about them.


This is where detailed information about Ingram Micro’s commerce and fulfillment solutions is found. In response to the market demands of global commerce, Ingram Micro offers solutions that provide the following capabilities:

  • Connection to major B2C and B2B sales channels
  • Retail compliant fulfillment
  • Drop ship vendor management

Since Ingram Micro’s solutions are all made possible by and built on top of the platform’s robust APIs, offers invidual solutions pages that detail each offering. High-level information about them is also available through Ingram Micro’s navigation, ensuring that customers can learn about them from either entry point and in more or less detail.

Customer Success

We’re firm believers that good people make all the difference, and we wanted to carve out a spot to talk about our relationships. In this section, find out how we approach our customer relationships and read some of our customers’ successes. Well nurtured partnerships help us help you and your businesses, and beyond that, they inform our decision making as we improve our products and solutions.


The content you’ll find within our Resources section is familiar, but we’ve grouped all of our knowledge bases side-by-side for better visibility and easier navigation. Whether you’re looking for Support material, a specific Resource guide or Developer tools, you can get where you want to go quickly from the Resource drop down.

Sign In and Get Started

The Sign In experience remains the same, but has a new look, and the Get Started section is where you’ll find a form to create a free account. You can also learn about how our pricing works in the Get Started section. We deactivated the calculator estimation tool, given that demand for custom pricing quotes has increased and the factors rated by the tool are changing.


  • Kate Charon 06/17/16
    Very impressive new look and easier navigation.

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