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Meet the partner: Metaverse Mod Squad

Shipwire - Metaverse Mod Squad
There are many challenges with running an ecommerce business. Smart brands, however, use the right tools to help them get ahead of the pack. In the last decade, many platforms have become available for small- and medium-sized merchants which two decades ago weren’t even available to the largest corporations. Ecommerce platforms let you sell your products without having a brick and mortar store. Analytics help you analyze your traffic and make smart decisions about how to sell. Order fulfillment lets you have the global reach of a Fortune 500 company for the price of a few lattes per month. But there are yet more areas where you still want to get professional, focused help for your business, where it wasn’t available before. For example, as your brand grows, you get fans, you build a community, you get lots of social media followers. But those fans are all over the world, so how do you engage with them when you’re asleep and they have a question?

Enter Metaverse Mod Squad. Mike Pinkerton, the COO of Metaverse Mod Squad, recently spoke with us and described what this great firm does.

Metaverse’s services include moderation, customer support, community management, social media services, and QA. Basically, while your audience is online, 24/7 interaction with customers and communities is difficult and time consuming. So Metaverse helps you with this in the same way Shipwire helps you with your global fulfillment. While you focus on delivering an outstanding product, the Metaverse team engages on behalf of your brand: Moderating content, chatting with customers, managing communities, and buzzing in social media.

And we’re happy to announce that starting now, Shipwire has partnered with Metaverse to give Shipwire merchants the benefits of community management and customer support for their buyers.

As always, we’re looking to help our customers grow, and growing and managing their fan base is part and parcel of growing their brand.

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