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New Canada and US Merchant Freight Options Available

Shipwire has always made it easy to ship goods back and forth between the US and Canada, but it just got even easier. For those merchants in the US or Canada that need to ship freight quantities across the border we made it much easier by upgrading our Shipwire Merchant Freight options.

Just key in any large freight order using our Ship from Warehouse tool and you will see “Merchant Freight” quoted. When satisfied with the quote, select the option and your inventory will be prepped and shipped. Shipwire will do the rest from booking with the carrier, to preparing your Bill of Lading.   And as an added bonus this even works via our API so your shopping cart can feature freight shipping quotes.

Couple limitations you should know about. The freight quotes are for the transportation and not the customs and duties brokerages that you may be subject to. It is recommended that you confirm your Canadian and/or US business registrations and Tax ID’s before using cross-border merchant freight to limit any delays.


  • Nate 05/24/10
    Shimon, We have local warehouses in Canada that ship Canada post and a variety of local parcel deliver service. I hope that answers your question.
  • stan smith 04/16/10
    Will Shipwire prepare and present all of the export docs needed for customs clearance into Canada too?
  • Shimon Pozin 04/05/10
    Please, concentrate on *delivery* rather than *shipping* to extend range of potential Shipwire clients with those who want a local pickup. Lot of customers (up to 15%!!!) want local pickup in Canada and still hesitate to get delicate and expensive stuff to be shipped. I believe that focus on shipping rather than delivery is one of the major drawbacks of ShipWire.

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