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New Network Optimization Service

We’re excited to introduce our Network Optimization Service for our customers looking to expand into new fulfillment centers by helping them identify the most strategic locations to use based on individual business needs and goals.

Effective July 6, you’ll be able to leverage a team of subject matter experts for assistance in choosing the most advantageous Ingram Micro fulfillment center(s) for you.

How does it work?

Through your Shipwire Platform account, you can select the region(s) in which you intend to fulfill orders. Our team receives the information, analyzes your business needs, identifies the most advantageous fulfillment center and reaches out to you with this information.

Leveraging the combined knowledge of specialists from sales, customer support, implementation, support engineering and account management, we consider your goals from a variety perspectives and ensure that you’re strategically positioned for success.

New onboarding flow

The guided five-step onboarding flow that users experience when setting up a Shipwire Platform account has been updated to reflect our Network Optimization Service. As mentioned above, new users are directed to select regions in which they would like to fulfill orders and our Customer Success team guides you the rest of the way.

New Onboarding Flow for Fulfillment Regions

If you have any questions, please read our support page or contact us directly:


  • Harold Mondonedo 08/30/16
    I would like to know more details on this, we wanted to ship worldwide but based on the warehouses that you currently the shipment of my product is either to expensive because its too far from your warehouses, Are you able now expand to more sites/warehouses like south america, africa etc? I have sent the same question to support but no one is answering them until now. Hope this message gets through. Thanks!

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