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The Shipwire Blog/Newegg Builds a New Nest

Newegg Builds a New Nest

Newegg and Shipwire Delight

Newegg has hatched a new feature of their marketplace, they allow third-party sellers to sell on their website. Tell Shipwire you want to see us build a connection by signing up for Newegg Order Fulfillment notification list.

We are seeing more and more of this from Walmart, Sears, and obviously Amazon and eBay built their businesses using third-party sellers. Shipwire is no stranger to marketplaces wanting 3rd party sellers to join them. We’ve blogged about it a few times (2011 ecommerce preditions and when we first saw Walmart release these features here).

Newegg recently announced a partnership with ChannelAdvisor stating “We selected ChannelAdvisor as our preferred integration partner because of its strong reputation and experience as a leading e-commerce solution provider. We are confident that together we will successfully expand our thriving marketplace.”

Shipwire today has integrations to Amazon and eBay and we’re curious if our non-Channel Advisor customers see opportunity selling on Newegg and want to see a Shipwire connection. We’ve created a way for you to tell us if you want a Shipwire connection to Newegg to help you create a great shipping buyer experience for your Newegg sales. Please tell us you are interested by signing up for our Newegg Order Fulfillment notification list.

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