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Now Download Monthly Summaries

Shipwire has always prided ourselves on transparent warehouse and shipping pricing. From our first day of operation we have always offered pricing on our website that anybody can see, this has actually prompted other providers to do the same thing. We have also allowed a free trial where anybody can check our shipping rates for any type of shipment, we are still the only ones in the industry offering that.

In an effort to continue to offer transparency on our services and to help our customers with end-of-month or end-of-quarter accounting we now provide detailed monthly billing invoices for all our merchants that you can get for any month that you used Shipwire. This was something that was asked for by a couple of our merchants so please continue to keep the great ideas coming in…we are listening.

To download monthly statements from within your Shipwire account go to “My Account – Billing” link from your Dashboard and then navigate to the Billing Summary details page

The Billing Details page gives you a current snap-shot of your current monthly activity. To download a monthly statement simply select the time period you are interested in and press “Download PDF”. We will instantly create a PDF document of that months activity that you can save, or print, or send to your accountant – easy! Please note that the monthly statement is based on your monthly billing cycle, not the calendar cycle.

The monthly statement will summarize your entire month activity according and provide your opening and closing balances. In addition every transaction you had during the course of the month is also detailed for your auditing needs.

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