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Outsourcing brings lifestyle change

You’re probably asking… who is this cute little kid? Meet Nathan, who may one day be giving his Oscar acceptance speech thanks to his parents dedication and newly found free time. Nathan just won a competition at The Swan Hotel at Disney for an acting spot and is on his way to pursuing an acting career.

Why are we blogging about this? Because, his chance for personal success came because his parents were able to spend more time pursuing the important things in their lives. His parents created time by outsourcing their business shipping and warehouse headaches.

Nathan’s parents are Marc and Michelle Blaiwes, owners of SeatGlovers, and Shipwire customers.

The Blaiwes now have enough spare time in between running their business to take Nathan to auditions and help him build his resume for what appears to be a very bright future in acting. It’s a beautiful thing to follow your passions, and that’s exactly what all three Blaiwes are doing.

Marc and Michelle Blaiwes began their entrepreneurial lifestyle back in 2001 by creating an eBay liquidator business that then flourished into their own niche product for which they created their own brand, Like many other small businesses they went through some serious growing pains. As their business took off they needed more inventory and opened up a warehouse in Florida to manage their inventory. Managing a warehouse brought a logistical nightmare of lost shipments, warehouse employee problems and scaling their sales to continue growing their business. They were also stuck in Florida, even when they were no longer interested in living there and wanted to live in the mountains.

“I was spending more time troubleshooting shipping problems and dealing with warehouse employee problems than I was spending in sales. We were just ‘spinning our wheels’ with shipping and warehousing issues” says Marc. Clearly they could not keep “spinning their wheels” for much longer.

They went looking for a solution to help them automate and get more time back for their life and to focus on growing their business rather than being controlled by their business. The Blaiwes found Shipwire and tested the free Free Trial. They have not looked back since. They outsourced their Florida facility to Shipwire locations in the U.S. This means the Blaiwes can live anywhere and they can use their Shipwire account to manage their business from anywhere in the world.

What did they do with their free time and new found flexibility? They moved to the mountains and focused on their family while continuing to grow their business and expand product lines.

Following your passions is a beautiful thing, if you are a small business owner that would like some of your precious time back why not do what the Blaiwes did, try Shipwire and realize that the sky’s the limit! And remember Nathan’s face… you may see it in a theater near you!


  • Michelle Blaiwes 07/24/10
    Silvie, like so many things, it is often the people behind the scenes that make the ones in front (Nathan) look so good! Thanks for the great article. It is well written and accurate.
  • Marc Blaiwes 07/24/10
    The American Dream... made possible by "forward thinking" entreprenuers like those at Feel free to contact us at if interested in hearing more about Nathan or how Shipwire has improved our lives.

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