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Shipwire Partner and Affiliate Update 2013

Shipwire Partners and Affiliates, 2013 is off to the races. Before the year gets away from us, we wanted to give you a quick update:


Tradeshows and attendance
Shipwire will be at a number of industry events, here is a quick list:

  • MivaCon 2013 – Thank you to the Miva team for hosting us.
  • Launch 2013 – March 4-6 in San Francisco. Nate went and met a bunch of great software and hardware startups that are changing their respective spaces.
  • SXSW 2013 – Shipwire is a proud member of and our tech team hosted the annual mixer at SXSW Interactive
  • Magento Imagine 2013 – We’ll be there. Please come visit us.
  • Netsuite Suite World – May 13-15 in San Jose. Shipwire will be there to bring awareness to our new Netsuite order fulfillment Module.
  • Internet Retailer 2013 – June 4-5 in Chicago.

There are a few others on the agenda for which we have not confirmed our attendance. Our Account Team is hitting up quite a few other trade shows and we’ll be putting up blog posts to let you know where you can find us.

New Shipwire features you should know about
We launched so many new features over the past year, it’s hard to even know where to start. Here are some highlights that are relevant to our partners, affiliates, and developers.


Shipping and order fulfillment marketing & sales best practices
A few tips and tricks to get the word out about your Shipwire integration. Remember your partner tracking URL can redirect to your Shipwire landing page or any page on

Case studies – There is no better way to prove something works than to let a satisfied customer make the point for you. If one of your customers is getting a lot of benefit out of the integration, grab a quote from them and put it on your blog, tweet it, or put it on your features page. If you want to team up with Shipwire’s marketing department to do a case study, please reach out.

List a few benefits – Many of our partners simply list that they have a Shipwire integration; to be more effective, list a few features and benefits of the integration.

For example:

  • Instant access to warehouses in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia
  • Multiple warehouses can help you cut domestic shipping costs by 35% and international shipping costs by up to 75%.
  • Get free shipping and business tools for your garage, warehouse, office, or retail store. Multi-location USPS online label printing, inventory management and order management features.
  • List the Shipwire API calls that your integration supports

Seek feedback – Inform your users what the integration does today and where you could take it. See what feedback you get.

Best Practices – We like including features and benefits guides, as well as tips and tricks for our integrations. We have found that when we combine our efforts and produce documentation that answers common customer needs, implementation questions often get resolved before they reach support queues.

Changes to Affiliate and Partner Terms
We clarified our partner terms to help with confusion about commissions, payout schedule, and tracking. We’ve simplified it and removed the lower-tier payouts. If you have developed an integration, there are very favorable terms and it’s easier to track payments.

  • $.30 an order
  • We need to know you sent us the lead, so use the tracking provided for your affiliate account

Partner program landing page is here. Program terms are here.

Is Shipwire Marketing Your Integration Correctly?
We market integrations on our connections pages. Any integration to Shipwire gets a reciprocal page on and gets listed on our compatible solutions page. Contact partner (at) Shipwire (dot) com if you need to adjust content.

If you want to work with Shipwire Partner Marketing to outline a marketing plan, joint press release, or blog post, send an e-mail to partner (at) Shipwire (dot) com. We also support partners using content from our blog to seed your own blog posts. If you have any questions, send an e-mail and we’ll get right back to you.

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