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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire Shipping Tools Launch "Inside" PayPal

Shipwire Shipping Tools Launch "Inside" PayPal

Shipwire makes PayPal shipping look good

(Queue Intel inside music). This past week Shipwire was at PayPal Innovate 2010 in San Francisco. We introduced our new partnership and integration with PayPal. We have integrated Shipwire into PayPal’s Embedded Application Framework.

What does that mean without all the industry jargon? We took some of the cooler parts of the Shipwire order management and label printing features and built them straight into PayPal.

We were honored to be chosen by PayPal leadership to participate in this rather exclusive beta. The Shipwire Engineering and Product teams rocked the integration, and PayPal asked our VP of Product to present the integration at PayPal Innovate (YouTube video coming soon). Techcrunch also chose a Shipwire screenshot to post on their blog (paypal apps screenshot).

We’re blushing with pride and can’t wait until we can tell all our friends that they can use Shipwire inside PayPal (it will be another few months until they launch it publicly).

Here are a few more screen shots of Shipwire making making PayPal shipping awesome:

You can now get Shipwire inside of PayPal. This is the full page installation view.

PayPal account with the new “Apps Tray” with the Shipwire widget being installed.

Review an order, shop shipping rates and print a label UPS, FedEx or USPS label inside PayPal

Here is the interview with the Shipwire team that built the integration shot at PayPal Innovate. (Shipwire team talks about PayPal embedded apps).

See embedded videos below

While I hesitate to post it as the video makes my head look huge, Ina Steiner from (ebay auction news) was nice enough to interview me and post it to YouTube (Nate Gilmore talks about PayPal embedded apps).

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