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Please nominate Shipwire for a Crunchie

If you are a fan of Shipwire please nominate us for a 2008 TechCrunch “Crunchie” award.

Click the “Nominate us for the Crunchies” badge here:

Nominate Shipwire for a Crunchie - Best Enterprise

If the badge above does not work, please do the following.

1. Go to the Crunchies 2008 site

2. type in “” in for the category “Best Enterprise”.

This only takes a moment to do (you don’t have to register) and you can vote EVERY day. Thank you from the whole Shipwire team.


  • Sacha 11/25/08
    Go Shipwire! You are the best service!
  • Christopher Morace 11/25/08
    Go Shipwire! Awesome service.

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