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The Shipwire Blog/Product Wizard – Now Edit SKUs Easier

Product Wizard - Now Edit SKUs Easier

SKUs are retailer defined stock keeping units. A “SKU” is the unique identifier that you, merchants, place on your inventory to distinguish an individual item/product_ID within your accounting, warehousing and inventory systems. When you send inventory to Shipwire, each unique shippable item needs to be labeled with the SKU ID. Your Shipwire account includes a product catalog wizard that makes it is easy to inform Shipwire of new SKUs and tell us attributes such as description, dimensions, weight and value (for customs, international shipping and insurance).

Shipwire made improvements to the product catalog to make it much easier to edit SKU level details.

Now most description and value information can be changed in real-time. So if your description changes or your retail or wholesale costs change, you can quickly make a change. If a SKU change involves the product’s dimensions or weight, it will be submitted for a quick review by Shipwire Merchant Services. We do this to ensure that the values you input in the product wizard match what the actual dim/weight of the item is. If there is not a match you could get incorrect shipping rates or display incorrect shipping rates in your shopping cart if you have our real-time shipping rates integrated.

If you do B2B or wholesale shipping, we recommend you familiarize yourself with our Master Carton FAQ. Shipping in bulk can save you a mountain of cash on your warehouse handling.


  • Tony Holbrook 08/12/15
    @Thomas - Thank you for reaching out. We have a good overview of how to set this up on our Labeling Products Support Page that I hope should clarify your question. We also have the ability to add Alternate Names or Aliases that allow you to enter both SKU and EAN to a product, so that the teams in our fulfillment centers can identify your products easier and prevent any potential delays. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us or call 1-888-SHIPWIRE
  • I wonder what bar code I use for my SKU. My products have a SKU and a different EAN number for retail. I have the EAN barcode on the packaging. For shipwire I attache a lable with my SKU number, but what format of barcode works for shipwire?
  • George 10/09/10
    Really Good George

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