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Promotional shipping revisited

Shipwire has been used by marketing teams, activists, political campaigns and groups doing fund-raising since we started doing product fulfillment. There are a lot of ways that Shipwire can be used to ship promotional business products (even though we don’t do custom embroidery or print logo apparel).

Here is a prior blog post about promotion fulfillment we did during the last Presidential campaign that highlights a few ways to use Shipwire for project or promotions fulfillment.

As more and more interest seems to have grown for promotional fulfillment and shipping of promotional business items, it has become obvious that we needed to post a few more thoughts on how to use Shipwire for promotion shipping.

Here is a simple promotional shipping guide for marketing teams, project managers and anybody who needs to automate a process for shipping brochures, catalogs, apparel, welcome kits, or random chotchkies.

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