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The Shipwire Blog/Purolator Express, Ground and International – Now available in Canada

Purolator Express, Ground and International - Now available in Canada

Shipwire is adding another carrier to our global warehouse network – Purolator. Purolator is a Canadian parcel service and freight carrier and can be a good alternative to Canada Post, Fedex or UPS in certain situations. They are sometimes called Purolator courier or Purolator delivery. Shipwire’s shipping rate tools and our shipping rate API’s will now return Purolator shipping cost estimates if you add Purolator as an available shipping option in your account.

Shipwire Canada warehouse network, specifically our Vancouver warehouse and Toronto warehouse now offer Purolator parcel service and Purolator international shipping. Specifically:

Canada domestic: Purolator Express and Purolator Ground

Canada to U.S.: Purolator Express U.S. and Purolator Ground U.S.

Canada International, non-U.S.: Purolator Express International

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