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The Shipwire Blog/Red Roller rolls over

Red Roller rolls over was an online shipping comparison site. Plug in the address you’re shipping from and shipping to, and Red Roller would present discounted shipping options and allow a small business retailer to buy postage and print shipping labels. has ceased operations and as of this post is going through a chapter 7 bankruptcy. (See financials). had positioned itself as a shipping 2.0 company.   That said, Entrepreneur wrote a nice article on Shipwire being a Shipping 2.0 virtual warehouse company.

If you were a Red Roller user, please note that you can get shipping rate comparisons inside the Shipwire free trial. If you want to compare and print postage Shipwire “Print from my desk” can do that for you as well.

If you are a developer that wants to integrate shipping rates into your shopping cart or build a rate comparison tool please check out our parcel shipping rate web services API and XML toolkits.

We hope this helps.

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