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The Shipwire Blog/Royal Mail Strike update for Shipwire Users

Royal Mail Strike update for Shipwire Users

Please see the Shipwire blog for a complete history of our Royal Mail industrial action (aka worker strike) handling.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) that does the local post delivery for Royal Mail underwent a two day strike last Thursday (10/22) and Friday (10/23) in the U.K. Shipwire found out that a local sort center for the Royal Mail was going to be processing parcels and we delivered our merchant outbound shipping directly to the sort center.

This week, the CWU is again threatening a work stoppage on Thursday (10/29) and Friday (10/30). Shipwire will once again deliver merchant outbound shipping to a local sort center in order to keep our merchant’s order volume from backing up once the workers are back to work.

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