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The Shipwire Blog/Ship: Set Account Wide Rules For "Shipping Preferences"

Ship: Set Account Wide Rules For "Shipping Preferences"

Shipwire has implemented a new Shipping Preferences option that allows merchants to greatly improve the handling of their outbound shipping by applying rules and preferences to inbound orders. Now if you want to hold any order over $200 in value, so that you can approve it after reviewing it, you can.

Here are just a few of the powerful features available with “Shipping Preferences”

  • Configure shipping carrier by type of shipment (ground, 1D, 2D, International)
  • Select how you want to deal with special scenarios like a military address, an unverifiable address or maybe your product can only move via a freight carrier
  • Add Insurance to outbound shipping as a rule
  • Hold orders over X value
  • Add additional parcel carrier services like Delivery Confirmation

Click here to login and modify your preferences.


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