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Shipiro! BigCommerce and Shipwire

Another announcement from the Shipwire developer network. The developers that brought you Foxywire are at it again. This time they are setting their sights on making it easy for any BigCommerce shopping cart user to use Shipwire warehouses around the world. Shipwire has been asked many times to connect with BigCommerce and we are thrilled to see one of the members of our developer network make this connection a reality. Shipwire BigCommerce connection by Shapiro or check out our BigCommerce Shipwire Frequent Questions.

Shipiro is a web connector that will bridge your Big Commerce and Shipwire accounts. As you close orders using your BigCommerce shopping cart, orders are passed to Shipwire. Once Shipwire gets the orders we pick, pack and ship the order to the buyer. Your Shipwire account preferences can be set so that Shipwire notifies your buyer of the shipping information.

The BigCommerce API is “read-only” today so the makers of Shipiro did a few interesting things to connect Shipwire and BigCommerce for you:

  • Shipiro reaches out to the BigCommerce API and looks for new orders (requests the orders list) a few times a day.
  • Shipiro intelligently screens for physical item orders (ignores things like eBooks) and passes those orders to Shipwire.
  • Nightly, Shipiro pulls the order tracking numbers from Shipwire back to Shipiro. Shipiro converts those orders to a .csv file with the order ID and tracking numbers and imports that back into Big Commerce via the Big Commerce import tool.

The nice thing is that Shipiro keeps an audit able log of all the data that is flowing back and forth for the steps above. This will allow any user to quickly troubleshoot any errors using the Shipiro interface.

A very nice user interface makes it a snap to manage orders

NEW BigCommerce features brought to you by Shipiro & Shipwire

The Shapiro connection is bringing a lot of features to BigCommerce. Here is a short list:

  • Warehouses in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
  • Wholesale and direct-to-consumer shipping options.
  • Drop shipping options that make it easy to offer retailers access to your inventory.
  • Free online label printing for all your do-it-yourself shipping locations. If you have a warehouse, garage or retail store you can manage orders and print Shipwire shipping labels for free. Just create locations in your Shipwire account. For more information see Shipwire Anywhere free order management.

Pricing and Signup

Talk about simple. Shipiro is free to use! Just get an account, plug in your BigCommerce and Shipwire credentials and you are on your way to automation nirvana!

Shipiro is an affiliate of both Shipwire and BigCommerce, so if you haven’t signed up for Shipwire or BigCommerce and have been thinking about it…sign up through Shipiro so this developer team gets the credit.

Feel free to comment at this blog post with your feedback.


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