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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire at Toy Fair 2010 in NYC 2/14-2/17

Shipwire at Toy Fair 2010 in NYC 2/14-2/17

Shipwire is returning to Toy Fair 2010. We hope to see you there too.

If you went last year, you would have not only seen some really good toys; you would have seen a few themes. We blogged about them here on the Shipwire Blog and as a guest blogger on Practical E-commerce. See “Learnings from Toy Fair“.

We’ll see what the attendees are talking about this year. Logistically, last year suppliers were wondering how to become drop shippers for their retailers and figure out how to deal with retailers demands for smaller shipments of goods on a more frequent basis rather than big inventory resupplies.

We will be there this year to once again consult small businesses on their shipping, supply chain and blog about our learnings. Hopefully see you there.

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