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Shipwire Canada Warehouse Distribution Promotion

This promotion is now closed. Please contact Shipwire sales to discuss getting started in Canada.


In preparation for Christmas season, Shipwire has completed a major upgrade of our Canada warehouse distribution facilities. The upgrade consists of enhanced features for better inventory control, and more pick pack functionality (more about this soon). Needless to say, we are excited about helping merchants import into Canada. We currently have a special offer for new merchants that store inventory with us in our Canadian warehouse facilities, in either of our Toronto, Ontario warehouse or Vancouver, British Columbia warehouse.

Get up to $1,000 in rebates, by using Shipwire Canada between now and November 15th, 2009. Contact Shipwire. Here is a document on Importing to Canada and our Canada Warehouse.

Import into Canada – Shipwire Special Promotion

  • This offer applies to all shipments from a qualified merchant, from July 15, 2009 through November 15, 2009.
  • Qualified merchants will receive a one-time rebate, which will include:
    • The actual cost of their inbound shipments to a Shipwire Canada fulfillment center(including importing into Canada), up to the amount earned per the below schedule, and
    • The actual cost of Shipwire storage or order processing fees, incurred through the merchant’s Shipwire account, between July 15, 2009, and November 15, 2009, up to the amount earned per the schedule below.
  • Qualified merchants are limited to one rebate.
  • Qualified Shipwire fulfillment centers are limited to our Toronto and Vancouver locations.
  • The dollar amount of any rebate earned will be deposited in the merchant’s Shipwire account, on or before November 30, 2009.
  • Qualified merchants will receive credit for the actual amount spent, on inbound shipping to a Shipwire Canada fulfillment center, as well as for Shipwire account fees. (For example, consider a merchant that sends Shipwire 501 units, between July 15, 2009 and November 15, 2009. If the shipping cost is $150, and the Shipwire handling fees are $100, they will receive $250 in rebate credit for shipping costs and Shipwire fees charged to their account during the time period).
  • If the merchant does not use Shipwire postage to ship inbound inventory, then the merchant must provide proof of shipping fees to Shipwire. Reimbursed shipping fees are limited to inbound parcel shipping or freight charges used to send inventory to Shipwire.
  • How much is the offer? Qualified merchants can automatically take advantage of this offer by sending their product Units in by November 15, 2009, as seen in this chart:


  • Qualifications: To qualify for this rebate, a merchant must sign up for the Shipwire service before November 15th, 2009, and ship their first units to a qualified Shipwire fulfillment center, between July 15, 2009 and November 15, 2009. The rebate earned will be based on units shipped to, and received at, qualified Shipwire fulfillment centers, between July 15, 2009 and November 15, 2009.
  • Costs and Fees NOT Covered by Rebate: ┬áThe rebate earned by the merchant will NOT cover any portion of the following costs and fees:
    • Any deposit, special project or merchant support charges.
    • Undocumented inbound shipping charges
    • Outbound shipping charges
  • Limitations:
    • This rebate offer is void where prohibited.
    • Shipwire may terminate or modify the terms of this rebate offer at any time, at its sole discretion.
    • This rebate offer will not be applied retroactively, to any units shipped to Shipwire by a merchant prior to the merchant signing up for the Shipwire service.


  • Nate 12/21/10
    Hey Eric, I'll have somebody from the accounts team reach out to you. We've got quite a number of Canada merchants that do what you are thinking about. Some factors that can impact is whether the goods are manufactured in Canada verse overseas. If overseas, you can direct import into the U.S. If locally in Canada its good to see the impact of NAFTA. Also, if manufactured in Canada, your local economic development office wants you to get into Export. These can be a great resource to help you do everything from figure out export to set up meetings with potential buyers. Hope that helps. Nate
  • Eric S 12/18/10
    Hi Nate, I wish to sell high performance cycling equipment from Canada to the US. What can you tell me about some of your clients in Canada who export to the US and use Shipwire. How do they compete against US based retailers given duties, taxes and high transport costs? Thanks and regards, Eric Schmadtke
  • Alan 10/19/10
    We are a US company looking for a company in Canada to warehouse, fulfill and ship our digital imaging products. Please have someone get in touch with me. Thank you,

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