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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire customer success: Annex makes good!

Shipwire customer success: Annex makes good!

How often have you found yourself digging around for a bottle opener? Upon realizing that you had left it on the kitchen counter, the adventure usually ends with you trying to open your cola another way, damaging your hand, surroundings, and your pride.

For Chris Peters and Rob Ward, it was a big enough problem for them so they dreamed up an iPhone case that incorporated a bottle opener. In June of 2011, Chris and Rob turned to to launch Annex Products’ first product, the Opena® Case. Only 3 months later in September, Annex Products would ship 578 orders around the world using Shipwire as their order fulfillment provider.

“with hundreds of pre-orders to fill, Chris and Rob then madly went to work on sorting out tooling, manufacturing, packaging, fulfilment and shipping. They used Shopify (an online e-commerce platform) to sell and Shipwire to distribute” – Aspire Magazine, 2012

Aspire Magazine, which recently wrote about Annex story, featured their journey from project to completed iPhone accessory company. Aspire also documents Annex’s latest product, the Playa™ Case which has a hidden compartment for carrying personal affects. Checkout Aspire for free in the iTunes store, or on their website to get the latest issue.

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