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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire for Projects and Promotions (Fulfillment Customer Case Studies)

Shipwire for Projects and Promotions (Fulfillment Customer Case Studies)

Shipping, warehouse distribution and order fulfillment is a cog in many customer outreach and community building endeavors. Why shouldn’t it operate like a cog?

Don’t get saddled with shipping problems, cost overruns or failed attempts at connecting your warehouse to your payment, web store and order management software.

Shipwire offers an proven alternative that is easy to use, has no upfront costs and is compatible with your other payment, promotion and web store tools.

We’ve helped quite a few businesses, campaigns and non-profits with nation-wide, local and international outreach. Ask us about President Obama’s Election Campaign and Green Peace.

Think of the possibilities:

  • Large one-time mailings for promo DVD and materials
  • Brochure packages for local or international target customers. Perfect for franchise fulfillment.
  • T-shirt fulfillment for school sports teams, fan clubs or your 20 year reunion.
  • One-time or ongoing seminar books, materials and kits that you sell at conferences. Just take the order online while you are there if you don’t want to truck large quantities of for sale items to the show.
  • Marketing and promotional mailers that automatically ship when you sign up an online visitor.
  • An on-demand warehouse team that ships campaign yard signs, team project materials
  • Keep remote franchisee or distributors well supplied for promotional activities international distributor fulfillment

Interested? Why not spend 15 minutes test driving our FREE Order fulfillment Trial?

  • No obligation
  • Get access to ALL our online tools and
  • For Free you can send 6 items to any warehouse and we’ll store it for a month on our dime. Connect your tools and test the entire solution end-2-end with 6 fulfilled orders.
  • Print online postage forever with no monthly fees
  • Check worldwide shipping prices forever with no monthly fees

Get started with our FREE Order Fulfillment TRIAL

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