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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire gets a shoutout from Shopify

Shipwire gets a shoutout from Shopify

Mixergy is a great online hub for entrepreneurs, where speakers are invited to live events and online interviews to share their knowledge of navigating the business world today. One of their featured speakers recently was Tobias Lütke, CEO of Shopify. Shopify is a Shipwire partner and our two platforms are deeply integrated.

Tobias started Shopify after struggling to get his own small business off the ground. He wanted to follow his passion and start a snowboarding store but was having trouble navigating the ecommerce software available to get it off the ground. So he turned to his other passion, programming, to help him get to where he wanted to be. Tobias and his team made their own ecommerce software to help themselves and a slew of other people in the same situation. Tobias explains, “We were our own customers. We extrapolated that there were more people like us. More people who would appreciate the same thing.”

What came of all of Tobias and team’s hard work, passion, and diligence is the application and company that is Shopify. Shopify provides a platform which makes it easy for anyone to open up an online store. “…our software essentially is a modern take that idea that the online world can have boutique stores. If you could go downtown just for the fun of shopping, lots of people like shopping, they tend to go into the nice area of downtown region where the little boutique stores are….We want to bring this art of the shopping world back to the internet where people go top have fun shopping and trust the store that they choose good products. That’s where Shopify came from.”

Towards the end of his Mixergy interview, Tobias drops some nuggets of wisdom on us. “There are so many amazing opportunities out there. The most important thing is it is really not so hard… The most important thing is, once you start concentrate on nothing. Incredible services, services like Shipwire for example, that is a service where you get some space in a warehouse, you send your entire product there, and they ship to your customer directly. That means who can take your iPhone, use your mobile app, go backpacking, check it out on your cell phone, check ship, it goes to Shipwire, and it ships out. You click email you talk to your customers. You click call and you talk directly with them. You really don’t even need to sit anywhere. It’s ridiculous. You can build an entire great business without putting that much work into it. It’s something a lot of people should do. We have some customers who are running stores as side businesses. They have a full time job at a Fortune 500 company. They are doing more sales in this side business. It is absolutely crazy.”

Thank you Toby and Mixergy for the shoutout! There are some crazy good ideas in this interview. Listen or read the full interview here.

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