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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire gives struggling "drop shippers" an easy path to business growth

Shipwire gives struggling "drop shippers" an easy path to business growth

Shipwire gives struggling drop shippers an easy path to business growth.

“Drop Shipping” is when a web retailer populates an online store full of another companies products. When the order is placed through the drop shipper’s website, the order is routed to the company with inventory which handles shipping and fulfillment. Drop Shippers are a “middle wo/man” who make very small amounts of margin and often times have to handle the customer support when there are shipping problems.

If you are a struggling drop shipper, here is an easy way to gain significantly more margin and leverage the online store you have struggled to develop, and drive traffic to, and still not experience the frustrations of inventory storage and shipping.

  • Identify the products that you sell the most.
  • Buy a small amount of inventory in those products and negotiate a bulk discount with the manufacturer.
  • Ship the inventory you just bought to Shipwire. We offer a trial with no commitments, no credit card needed and no up front cash.
  • Use your carts order processing or PayPal buy now buttons to redirect your online sales to your own inventory.
  • Watch your orders come in. Shipwire handles the order fulfillment.
  • As you grow, Shipwire can help you with moving product internationally (Canada is a large market), importing product from overseas manufacturing and placing your inventory into multiple warehouses geographically closer to your end buyer.

Take control of your margin. Maintain your hassle free order fulfillment process that you enjoyed drop-shipping while becoming an actual retailer.

Lisa Morgan, Senior Vice President and Principal Analyst at Online Market World, recently posted an interesting article discussing the struggles and lack of long-term revenue that most drop shippers experience.

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