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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire Holiday 2009 Newsletter

Shipwire Holiday 2009 Newsletter

Making the Holidays a Lot Happier

The holidays are almost here and your elves at Shipwire are ready to help you deliver to everyone on your list. We have tips to make this holiday season the most wonderful time of the year. So get your name on the nice list and get ready to set foot in a shipping wonderland.

Read on for the holiday schedules, shipping cut-off dates and tips to make it a happy holiday for your business and your buyers.

It’s Better to Receive!

Get an early start on the festivities. Send in your inventory before Thanksgiving and your shipping will be taken care of in time for the holidays. We suggest 6 weeks in advance, which means you should be sending us ASNs (Advanced Shipping Notice) soon with targeted receiving dates in mid-November.

After Thanksgiving, our warehouses will be in shipping mode, so any receiving in December could be delayed to our maximum receiving window of 5 days. While we hope that will not be the case, our focus is on outbound shipping for the holidays.

Here’s an ASN Receiving Guide to getting your ASNs ready in a snap.

Make Special Projects More Joyous

Special Projects need special care so make sure to get them to us earlier. Also keep an eye out for breaking lots more than expected. For best results, lot breaks before Thanksgiving are the way to go. That way you’ll have products ready to be shipped in December and it’ll be much easier to spread the cheer! Breaks in December will take longer and may have delays. Here’s a special projects guide to get your special projects on their merry little way.

UK Merchants, Beware the Royal Mail Grinch

The holidays are a stressful time and the threat of a Royal Mail strike makes them more so for our merchants in the UK. Shipwire has posted a complete disaster recovery plan for you on this blog.   Please take note of the

”˜Tis the Season to Ship, Keep the Following In Mind

The holidays are busy and shipping during this time is our sole focus. To ensure your holiday orders go out timely, get on track to timely shipping by planning ahead and researching the right carrier and service before making orders through Shipwire. Even 1 day shipping may lag around the holidays so expect delays, especially with international shipments. Educate your customers on the limitations of shipping during a busy season. After orders are dropped to the warehouse, it is not possible to change, cancel or edit them. Unfortunately, we will not be able to do any “out of process” requests during the busy holiday season to prevent delays.

Please note that any under-shipments will be handled like normal shipments. They will be processed in the order they are received and not any earlier. Please use the “report-a -problem” interfaces in the Store-Sell-Ship® platform if you believe that there has been a mistake in an order.

Freight shipments of more than 500 items will take longer to pick and schedule. Please book these 2 weeks or more in advance. We expect freight shipments of large quantities to take double the time during late November and in December.

Thanksgiving Weekend is typically one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. Shipping volumes tend to double the week following Thanksgiving while warehouse operating hours are reduced. Rest assured that everyone at Shipwire is working hard to avoid any material impacts to your business and that we always strive to deliver exceptional service.

Gone Holidayin’

Shipwire wants to help during the holidays, but there are a few days we are closed. Warehouses are closed on weekends and for listed holidays. Click here to check the days our warehouses are closed and what to expect in terms of service levels.

Canada Never Looked Better

Now we ”˜Can-Do’ more in Canada. Shipwire has significantly upgraded our Canadian warehouse distribution facilities. Our free trial works with our Canadian facilities. Here is a Canada promotion for merchants interested in selling in Canada.

Holiday Warehouse and Shipping Schedules

The holidays are almost here, and hopefully, so are your orders. Here are some days to remember:

Holiday import guide tells you some cut off dates for importing.

The Holiday warehouse schedule guide has important dates for the Shipwire warehouses.

Most of the carriers have published a “last day to ship” guideline. For Shipwire merchants your order must be entered with no holds 24 hrs before the carrier cutoff to ensure their last day guidelines apply.

Ground Service “Peak Season” cut-off dates:

  • Dec 15th Last day to ship ground packaged from US to Canada.
  • Dec 17th Last day to ship ground package and have it delivered to any customer (continental us).
  • Dec 22nd Last day to ship 2Day and have it arrive before Christmas (packages picked up on 12/23 will deliver on 12/28).
  • Dec 23rd Last day to ship 1Day and have it arrive before Christmas (packages picked up on 12/24 will deliver on 12/28).
  • Dec 23rd Last day to ship a ground package.
  • Dec 24th There will be no FedEx or UPS Ground Pickup service. They will deliver packages already in their network but will not accept any new one.

Please see the UPS and FedEx websites for more details. Similar dates exist for our UK and Canada services.

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  • MARC 11/06/09
    Wow, christmas is really just around the bend! Thanks for the reminder and have Happy Holiday! Awesome Post BTW!

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