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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire Holiday Celebration Wine

Shipwire Holiday Celebration Wine

Dolcetto @ 2011 Shipwire Holiday Dinner

One of the benefits of living in California is we”re really close to wine country. The reality is we are in the middle of wine “counties”. We”re surrounded!

To the West we have Santa Cruz, Bonny Doon put it on the map. To our South, we get Paso Robles and the surrounding wine area. To the East, go past Sacramento and you will find all the tasting rooms on Hwy 49 and Placer County. A couple hours drive North are the amazing tasting rooms of Napa County that overshadows, for no really good reason (imho), Sonoma and Mendocino County wine.

If the end of the last paragraph didn’t give me away, I”m from Mendocino County! I spent much of my high school on tractors and navigating vine rows in Ukiah and Potter Valley (Never heard of it? Most people living next door haven’t either. I worked many a “crush” and was employed for a couple small wine labels and wineries throughout the year.

For the past 10 years my family has produced an excellent limited production Sangiovese that sells out every year (limited production) under the label Pettrone Family Cellars.   Nothing big time, more of a family bonding experience for my mom and her two brothers. It’s available in California, New York and Virginia.

Pettrone Sangiovese wine has been served at Shipwire Holiday parties since there were 12 of us raising a ruckus in the back room of our friend Fabio’s place, Nob Hill Grille, and then the back room of our buddy Trip’s restaurant, Sauce. Family wine at family restaurants for the Shipwire family. It just makes sense.

Shipwire CEO Damon Schechter raising a toast at our holiday party. Thanks to all our family, friends and partners.

As Shipwire keeps on growing, our cast of characters is getting ever larger. Our employee holiday celebrations outgrew our network of restaurants. As we look to celebrate an amazing 2011 and look forward to an even more audacious 2012, it’s clear that thanks need to go out to more than our employees and customers. Shipwire is supported by a huge network of partners and developers, that introduce us to amazing customers, and hold us up as an example of great system integration to help merchants.   We have spent years evangelizing our technology and the overall outsourced shipping market. We couldn’t do this without friends in the blog and press community willing to challenge the status quo, ask questions and shout about the success of our customers.

We”ve always said we are a part of a larger story.   We’re a platform for entrepreneurs to get their dreams to market.

This year we made some wine to virtually toast our family, friends and partners. We”re shipping some bottles of Docetto 2009 to some of the press and partners that helped us get the word out this year. It’s bottled with appreciation in the family winery this fall. This wine isn’t for sale. You can’t find it in stores or on a menu. It’s as limited as limited gets. Insider only.

It’s a toast of thanks for helping us get to where we are now. And an early toast for some amazing new things we”re about to release in 2012.

Thank you for helping us make 2011 special. Together we’ve helped a lot of entrepreneurs to get their dreams to market. We look forward to 2012 with you.

Happy Holidays from our table to yours!

The Shipwire Crew

P.S. Here are a few “making of” pictures from my phone.

High tech bottling line consists of a barrel and truck. We went up market with CO2 compression to pump the wine (rather than our normal gravity line).

The crew left standing at the end. Thanks family

Nate applying labels and trying not to get glue everywhere

The product, ready for shipping

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