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Shipwire Integrates to Payvment-Facebook E-commerce

Shipwire + Payvment = Fully Automated Facebook Shipping

Hey e-commerce entrepreneurs, ready for something super cool?

How about getting your product in front of potentially 500M+ buyers on Facebook?

This isn’t about advertising. It’s about Facebook e-commerce. Put a store on your Facebook page powered by Payvment and get access to the Payvment shopping mall.   Big hint for all you really search savvy e-commerce marketers, products in the Payvment mall come up in Facebook Search. I’m going to repeat that a different way – use Payvment to push your products to Facebook and Facebook Search can find your product listings! HUGE! Massive! Enormous search market you can tap into!

E-commerce on Facebook is still in the “land rush” stage of the market. Facebook just keeps growing and growing and is now the largest “collection” of users in a single network (Google search not withstanding). Buying on Facebook is different though. Social e-commerce is just getting its legs under it and we all have a lot to learn.

Who better to learn with than the team over at Payvment! They have spent the last few years just thinking about social e-commerce and how to help sellers be successful in this new paradigm.

Shipwire now connects to Payvment social e-commerce. This connection will allow any business that sells on Facebook via Payvment to automate their shipping from Shipwire locations around the world.

Pretty amazing to have global fulfillment for Payvment powered Facebook e-commerce stores. See Payvment Facebook Shipping for how to get setup and all the connection features.

The Payvment connector is free for any Shipwire account users (get a free trial). Payvment also has free account plans. So you could get completely set up and transacting orders without paying a cent.

This is just the announcement post. Please stay tuned for more information on why you should spend a few minutes getting a Facebook store from Payvment and putting your products up on the Payvment Mall.

Want more information?

Read our tips and tricks for f-commerce.


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