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The Shipwire Blog/Sell: Shipwire Order Fulfillment for Yahoo! Stores

Sell: Shipwire Order Fulfillment for Yahoo! Stores

Shipwire, Inc., the leading provider of Internet-based inventory storage and order shipping services, today released a complete set of “Real-Time” connection features for Yahoo! Merchant Services (formerly Yahoo! Store). Yahoo! Merchant Services customers can now fully integrate their Yahoo! Store with the Shipwire Store-Sell-Ship™ Platform.

Features include:

– Real-time delivery of orders to Shipwire system
– Batch delivery of orders to Shipwire
– Real-time inventory count synchronization
– Export product catalog
– Real-Time interface to shipping calculation system
– Automated update of order tracking status

Shipwire is bringing ease-of-use to the warehouse and logistics industry. Shipwire has broken the process down into 4 steps Store – Sell – Ship – Delight.

This is a “Sell” tool as it relates to how you sell/distribute your products and where your orders are going to be received from.

For more information please see Yahoo Stores ecommerce order fulfillment.


  • Nate 07/29/11
    Make sure you are on the right yahoo plan first. Make sure their API is activated. Our support team reached out to you to help troubleshoot and resolve this. Nate
  • Hello Nate Gilmore, We have partnered with Shipwire to sell our products from Website The site has been designed on yahoo small business. As per the instructions given on shipwire, we enabled Real time link on Yahoo store expecting that we can have real time interface with shipwire on order / inventory / Shipping rates. Configurations mentioned in Shipwire have been done in yahoo store. We are unable to provide real time access to the shipping rate from shipwire. We are ready to launch the site but are struck at this point. Please advise if there are any other APIs, CGI or any other scripts that needs to be used to succesfully enable all the real time links. Following is the real time link that has been included in the yahoo store for now . Any assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation. Nanjappa Gopalkrishna

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