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Shipwire mentioned as a solution on TV

Shipwire’s CEO Damon Schechter flew to New York to be interviewed by Fox’s Small Business Center on April 30, 2010. Damon spoke on the state of e-commerce and specifically small businesses using Shipwire to increase export sales. You can see that interview here at small business exports.

Later Fox taped another episode with the founders of a company called Dapple. Dapple was founded by two moms, Tamar Rosenthal and Dana Rubinstein, that noticed a need in the market for safe and green cleaning products for all those things babies put in their mouths; toys, bottles, and basically anything that isn’t out of reach or nailed down. As the interview was winding down the founders of Dapple were asked about sales. Tamar mentioned they could use some help with some automation,to which the reporter said, “We need to hook you up with Shipwire!” “I agree!” Tamar said, “We were actually chatting with Shipwire so you never know…”

Well, Tamar, we are certainly glad you met our fearless leader, Damon, and we do know that Shipwire can absolutely help you further grow your business.

Everybody here at Shipwire was thrilled to be mentioned as a possible solution by a Fox Small Business Center anchor. What we have noticed, after talking with thousands of people, that almost everybody has at least one friend that is involved with a business selling a widget online. These entrepreneurs are stressed, out of time and could always use a helpful recommendation. So please,

Gives us a try with our special Free Trial offer. We would love to take your small business to the next level by taking care of all your storage and fulfillment needs so you can focus on more important things, like doing more marketing and interviews!

Watch the entire Dapple interview here.

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