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New Shipwire Features

We are excited to announce some new feature updates to the Shipwire platform. Our team has been paying close attention to your requests and is pleased to deliver many improvements and additions that will make your order fulfillment experience even better! Among the updates, here are two of the most important:

Insights to Order Rate Details

With this new release you will get better insight into the details of the shipping quotes you receive from our system. Everything from base rate, Shipwire fees, insurance and packaging fees will be shown. in the order rate details. This feature was something that was previously only available once an order was completed. This enhancement will also let you know how an order is packed.

Order rate details

Another enhancement that relates to the order rate details is our expansion of our warning and notices sent to your dashboard. We are continuing to build out these notifications to better guide you in the fulfillment process, so please give us feedback so that we can continue to improve your experience with each order.

Insurance Enhancements

We have implemented several automations and changes to streamline the insurance procedure. Our system now automatically forwards invoices to Shipsurance which should speed up insurance claims.

Insurance enhancements

In addition to this, we have added more options in the preferences that allow you greater control on what type of orders can qualify for insurance. For example, if you only want orders over a certain price point to have insurance options, you can set that up in your insurance preferences.

Insurance enhancements

We have also improved how we produce our USPS Customs documentation. This will help reduce the incidence of customs issues and smooth out the order fulfillment process.

We are proud to bring these updates to you and continue to read your suggestions and requests. Please feel free to contact your Shipwire support representative if you have any questions, and please help spread the news of our enhancements through Twitter and Facebook!

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