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Shipwire Summer 2012 Pricing

Today Shipwire announces a new tiered pricing system for new merchants which will be much simpler and more beneficial to merchants, and will eliminate the need to accurately predict order volume. This new system applies effective today for new merchants joining the Shipwire platform.

Existing merchants will remain on their current pricing plans by default, but will have the option of opting into the 2012 pricing starting on August 15, 2012, when our team will follow up to coordinate the transition. For existing merchants, a Knowledge Base solution has been provided explaining the specific changes and how they affect them. Simply search for Summer 2012 Pricing when logged in to your account to find the solution.

Shipwire will now calculate your handling activity on a monthly basis. This cycle is the same as the one used to calculate your storage & support requirements. You can always see what monthly cycle you are on by going to your account dashboard, and looking at the billing summary pod. For an illustration about identifying whether your account is on new vs. old pricing, see here.

Shipwire automatically discounts your order handling rate as you ship more orders throughout the month. When a higher order volume is reached, the pricing automatically moves to the next tier and lets you take advantage of the volume savings. These discounts are achieved at specific tiers, reflected in the table below:

Some important features of this new pricing model are:

  • Save more as you ship more. Shipwire automatically lowers your handling costs per order, as volume increases during your monthly billing period.
  • Save big on your wholesale orders with bulk handling priced as low as single item picks
  • Take advantage of deeply discounted pricing for pick/pack orders with multiple items by using the Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Toronto or Hong Kong warehouses. Note: The first pick/pack item in such an order will always be priced as a full pick. Orders over 20 items are excluded from this pricing.
  • Pre-packed boxes are priced as single items, no matter how many units are in the box.
  • Marketing inserts are only $0.20 per order.

You can read more details and learn about the new changes on our Pricing FAQ page. You can find frequently asked questions and ask your own in the comments section.

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