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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire product update: February love edition

Shipwire product update: February love edition

It’s with lots of love that we give you news about some great new updates to your favorite order fulfillment platform. Today, Shipwire gets some new features and a number of behind-the-scenes upgrades that will make your shipping experience even better. The most important ones are custom gift messaging for your customers, updates to packing lists, and some fine-grained control over carrier choice for low-cost items.
Gift messaging
Custom gift messaging is now available right in your Shipwire account. You can add new messages or edit existing ones.

Editing an order:
Adding gift messaging to an order

Order details:

Packing lists
Shipwire packing lists for most warehouses have been updated. Packing now include the custom gift messaging that you define in the feature described above. An order from our LA warehouse, for example, can look like this:

Fine-grained control over uninsurable carriers
You can now choose to use a specific carrier for low-cost items instead of using the same carrier for all your orders. Shipwire will let you add an uninsurable carrier based on order value, so for example, you will be able to specify that you want to use USPS First Class on all orders < $5.00.


  • dimitri 02/13/13
    Petter, this is being rolled out in batches and if you want to enable it right away just get in touch with your account rep and they'll guide you through it. Happy shipping!
  • Petter 02/13/13
    Great! Do I need to enable this? I did not find this when searching "my account" Is it not integrated yet? Thanks for reply - this feature is most welcome! Petter.

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