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Canada Awaits You! Shipwire makes it easy...

Shipwire has expanded its warehouse network to include Toronto and Vancouver.

This should interest you, whether you are already selling in Canada or are ready to expand your business into Canada.

If you already sell in Canada, plug into Shipwire to reduce hassles, control costs and grow without significant capital investment. Don’t take our word for it check out what one of our customers says in the Wall Street Journal. We have more success stories in our case studies page.

If you are not yet selling in Canada, plug into Shipwire and get:

  • Instant access to a lucrative new market
  • Class A warehouse space “on-tap” without the headaches of employees
  • Assistance with product importing and freight forwarding. The Shipwire team becomes your supply chain.
  • Import product in bulk and save yourself the headache of clearing customs on each order.

We offer a Free Trial. Sign-up without a credit card and look at our application.

If you would like to speak to a Shipwire representative please contact us.

If you would like more information on moving product into Canada: See our recent blog posting; comment in our forum; or, see our helpful instructions on registering your business with the Canadian Revenue Agency in our help center under “Advanced Use.”

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