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The Shipwire Blog/Good news after Tax Day: Shipwire update

Good news after Tax Day: Shipwire update

To help unwind from the stresses of Tax Day here in the US, Shipwire is happy to announce another product update. Take a deep breath and check out some of the newest features and upgrades coming soon to your favorite order fulfillment platform.

Simplifying large shipping orders
Merchants can now “Upload a spreadsheet” of products/quantities for large wholesale orders rather than entering them in “One at a time” through the interface
Upload spreadsheet products/quantities for large wholesale orders

Improving accuracy of inventory and routing calculations
1.  Merchants now have the option to count their bundled items as either kitted inventory or single units:
Bundled/kitted items can be counted as inventory that may be broken into sellable single units for more accurate inventory counts and routing calculations (Please contact Shipwire Support if you’d like to enable this feature).

2.  Pending case items will also be counted as sellable single unit inventory in non-autobreak warehouses:
Future routing decisions for single unit purchases will take into account case inventory, even if it’s stored in a non-autobreak warehouse.

3.  Inventory synchronization for product bundles:
Bundle inventory will be pushed to the cart API (i.e. all outbound cart connections that have Shipwire inventory synchronization will get accurate estimated counts for product bundles).

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