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The Shipwire Blog/Shipwire Upgrade – Activity History Reports

Shipwire Upgrade - Activity History Reports

Activity History just got a world better. This powerful feature which allows you to run date range reports on orders, billing, and almost all aspects of your account activity has just been upgraded to ensure it can do a lot more of what you’ve been asking for.

This upgrade surfaces many key data fields, includes new customization features, and generates reports in a fraction of the time it used to take. For some of the larger reports, we have internally clocked speed improvements of 30x faster report generation.

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Enhancements to Activity History

We have exposed significantly more data fields that can be used to generate a report. There is a new field selector menu to make it very easy to choose from an available list, and add them to reports.

New fields will now allow you to segment your data based on:

  • Shipping status and shipment level details
  • Internal Shipwire status
  • Warehouse (including your Shipwire Anywhere shipping locations)
  • Inventory level status and quantities
  • Transaction IDs (including Cart ID)
  • Costs for shipping & Handling
  • Order level details
  • SKU specific info

Configure reports to match your specific needs. For example:

  • Surface your top-selling products (by destination zip, timeframe, etc).
  • Quickly create tax reports that include orders within a specified time period, by source country, and include all key order-level details.
  • See what your average per order shipping costs are (by product, by order, or by destination zip).

All data can be quickly downloaded as a .csv file so that you can chart your businesses progress in Excel.

Shipwire fulfillment analytics and reports

Available Fields and Report Viewer

Shipwire reports interface, fulfillment analytics

Date Range Reporting, Report download and viewer


  • Karen 04/01/11
    You have no idea how happy this makes me!! Yay! It is like Christmas! It’s a breeze to use and has everything I need to pull detailed reports. Great job to the awesome Shipwire team who made this happen! Thanks so much! Karen @ Libre Tea
  • Alex (Shipwire Customer) 03/15/11
    It feels like Christmas! So many exciting updates from you guys lately! :) Thank you thank you thank you.... you guys are awesome! I really appreciate all of your hard work and for always trying to improve. I can honestly say that we couldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for Shipwire and it's excellent staff!

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