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Shipwire's Top - 5 Tweets

Shipwire DelightOne of the great things about being a logistics provider is that we have a great opportunity to get to know each customer and learn about some of the ways that our order fulfillment has helped them grow. We really appreciate hearing back from our customers and thanks to Twitter and social media it really couldn’t be easier for us to do!

We’ve had some great conversations with many of you on Twitter. To commemorate some of those great memories, here are our top 5 favorite tweets so far!

And the winner for best tweet…

We really enjoy all the awesome things everyone has to say to and about us on Twitter. Continue to reach out to us and chat with us about how Shipwire is helping you grow globally and get your company to the next level. Feel free to reach out to us by tweeting, hopping on facebook or emailing us.


  • Kyle Owen 05/24/12
    Jeremy Rudolph is one of our associates. Would you be interested in contacting him?
  • Shipwire blog comment 05/23/12
    Who is Jeremy Rudolph?

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