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Small Business Export Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for export to U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, Europe

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I gave a presentation at the E-commerce Merchants tradeshow in April of this year and have neglected to put it online. The E-commerce Merchants had asked me to speak for a second time and update my recommendations, tips and tricks for e-commerce sellers to grow overseas. You can see my presentation from 2009 at E-commerce International Shipping and Export Growth.

I used Scribd to put the file online.

If you flip through this slide show you will learn:

  • Why all the fuss about Exports these days
  • What are the big markets you should pay attention to
  • How to figure out if your products are a good fit for Export
  • 3 options for delivering the goods to international buyers: International Shipping, Consolidated Shipping and Cross-border E-commerce with Shipwire
  • Break down of the BIG export markets pros/cons and how to Import to Canada, U.K., Australia, U.S.A (if you’re overseas). [I am now humbly revising my comment to wait on China in light of some recent export numbers I’ve been seeing.]
  • How to sell into these markets
  • How to build a business engine in these markets

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Special thanks to Brandon and the entire crew at P@SA and the Ecommerce Merchants. If you are an e-Bay seller you should consider joining the Professional Ebay Sellers Alliance. If you are an independent seller and eBay is just a channel for you then the E-commerce Merchants Trade Association is a really hard working group of people that have your interests at heart. Consider joining both these groups or at least showing them some love.
Small Business E-commerce Export Roadmap 2010


  • learn how to export 06/26/13
    Great tips... Thanks Nate... Would you like to tell me what is the procedure to applying for a license in USA...??

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