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The Shipwire Blog/Small parcel carrier rates (GRI) to increase in January 2009

Small parcel carrier rates (GRI) to increase in January 2009

Parcel carrier rate increases have been announced. The major small parcel carriers appear to be bracing for reduced volumes and potentially increased costs of doing business. At this point it is unclear how these prices will be impacted by the recent crude oil price decreases. [Update on 11/25/08: There are reports of UPS and FedEx reducing Fuel Surcharges for the holidays.]

For the first time, the U.S. Postal Service will be adjusting pricing for its shipping service at a different time than its mailing service. Effective January 18th the USPS will raise rates on its Parcel Select by 5.9%, Express Mail by 5.7%, Priority Mail by 3.9% and International shipping by 8.5%.

UPS has also recently published 2009 rates with many increases. UPS Ground rates will increase on average 5.9%, Air and International services will be increased 4.9% that consists of a 6.9% rate increase and a 2% fuel surcharge reduction. If history is any guide, there may be further changes to fuel surcharges after the rate increases take effect.

These two rates come on the heels of FedEx rate increases in September. FedEx Express rates will increase by 6.9% in January. To date, we have not seen the new pricing table for FedEx ground 2009 rates.

This is on top of DHL exiting the U.S. shipping market.

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Check the trackback links for some good commentary on the carriers financials and the impact of the slowdown.

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