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The Shipwire Blog/SMB’s and 3PL Partnerships: Small Fish, Big Splash

SMB's and 3PL Partnerships: Small Fish, Big Splash

Inbound Logistics, August 17th, 2009smallfish2

Feature Story. Inbound Logistics, Shipwire and a Shipwire customer discuss the cost savings that a small business merchant (SMB) can save when outsourcing product fulfillment. Learn how to convert your warehouse into a success-based cost. Get insights from a Shipwire customer on importing to Canada and growing his business and outsourcing fulfillment to a Canadian outsourced warehouse.
Article Quote: Filling orders for that customer from Shipwire’s Toronto warehouse solved the problem (of lost packages and delays from crossing the border) . “Today, when shipments go out, customers receive them,” says Simmons….Using local warehouses also has improved customer service in less dramatic ways. It used to take as long as eight days to move merchandise from the West Coast to customers in the East or in Europe, Simmons says. Some consumers lost faith while waiting, and called their credit card companies to stop payment. Now, ThoughtFish uses Shipwire’s warehouses in Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and London to store merchandise closer to major markets. “Customers never have to wait more than two days to receive an order from us,” he says.
SMB’s win with outsourced product fulfillment. | PDF version.

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