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The Shipwire Blog/Store: New Product Wizard

Store: New Product Wizard

Shipwire Engineering has been very busy adding new features that have been requested by merchants. A few Shipwire merchants that manage hundreds of SKU’s across multiple warehouse requested that we make editing and managing characteristics of products easier. Shipwire software engineering has responded. Check out our new Product Wizard by logging into your Shipwire Account -> Store -> Add Products -> Product Wizard Tab.

Features include:

  • Sorting Products by SKU ID
  • Tell at a glance what products are “in the warehouse”.
  • Edit one or more existing products (that haven’t been sent to the warehouse yet) with simple editing features.
  • Quickly navigate through products
  • Use keyboard short-cuts like Control-Alt to select more than one product for “mass editing”
  • Add/edit new products you are sending to the warehouse.

Shipwire is bringing ease-of-use to the warehouse and logistics industry. Shipwire has broken the process down into 4 steps Store – Sell – Ship – Delight.

This is a “Store” tool as it controls what products will be stored in the warehouse and what its attributes will be.

If you would like to comment on this posting in the Shipwire “Store” features forum. There is a thread for the “New Product Wizard”.

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