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Support Movember, please

Some of us at Shipwire have grown some whiskers this year in support of “Movember”. If you feel up to it, it’s a great cause and you can make a small donation to the Shipwire Movember page.

What is Movember?

As explained to my mother over Thanksgiving by my good friend (and favorite Australian raised in New Zealand) Zoe:

“A bunch of Auzzies got sloshed one night in a bar and thought it would be a great idea to grow mustaches for 30 days to bring awareness to male health issues. They called it Movember. It was just ridiculous enough that it caught on with other guys in bars and some years later is a worldwide phenomena. And that is why your son has come to Thanksgiving dinner with that ridiculous looking mustache, that you can’t even really see, and he’s very proud of it.”

Absent the clear jib at my inability to grow facial hair, Wikipedia basically agrees with that definition of Movember.

Want to participate?
We are entering the end of November and while it is a blessing for all itchy noses everywhere to shave this thing off soon, we wanted to take a few minutes to show our progress (or lack there over) and offer you a chance to participate.

Movember is all about awareness. If there is one thing that anybody can do, it’s to talk to your loved ones about male health issues such as prostate cancer.

  • Donate to Movember, their site clearly indicates where all the money goes.
  • Talk to your fathers, brothers, uncles and friends about getting a checkup. Especially if they are over 40.
  • Go to a Movember event, or just forward out this blog post.

Ready for some ridiculous facial hair?

Shipwire is proud to present our Movember team – Jeremy, Nate, Dimitri and Charlie. Yup, you have to have some faith to see Nate and Charlies…but it’s there…really!

Given the poor lighting for that photo, Charlie and I thought a few closeups should be merited.

"It's right there"

"How could something so not visible itch so much?"


  • Mark 12/08/12
    keep on shavin' so it's gonna grow faster..
  • Charlie Liang 11/29/12
    Had my hair only been a little darker, you would've seen results. Oh wait...

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