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Australia's 2015 federal budget boosts e-commerce, SMEs

Australia's 2015 federal budget targets small businesses, startups, and online entrepreneurs with tax cuts and other forms of support. You may be interested in the details of these decisions totalling $5.5 billion, as they have the potential to add over half a million jobs and stimulate e-commerce globally. Plus, what does Australia's budget mean for order fulfillment? From incentivized SMEs to Shipwire's own facility in Sydney, 2015 is looking good Down Under.
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7 Top Crowdfunding Sites to Launch Your Business

Crowdfunding via the internet is the latest craze to hit the startup world. Also called equity crowdfunding or hyper funding, internet crowdfunding allows business owners to pitch their idea to a virtual audience who decide whether or not to support the effort by pledging money and other resources. The phenomenon is proving to be not...
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